About Us

 Mission Statement


We believe that in order to meet our customer's needs, our products and service must be the leader in value and satisfaction. By achieving these goals, our success through continued growth enables us to maintain a position of strength and leadership in this industry.


We also believe that hard work is something to be proud of.  The concept of assumed responsibility is accepted.  If a task needs to be done, assume you have the responsibility to get it done and done so in a timely matter.


Finally, we acknowledge the dedication it takes to being in the service industry is not to be taken very lightly.  Not only is it our priority here at Alpha Lumber, but an obligation to our society to serve one another in a way that is acceptable in the eyes of our great Creator.


Company Profile


Since the companies beginning in 1945, our goal has been to make Alpha Lumber & Supply, Co, Inc. the building material supplier of choice for the state of Alabama.  With branch’s both here in Montgomery and as well as in Birmingham this goal has been our priority every day.   We believe that our success is closely tied to the success of our customers. Therefore, we take a personal interest in helping our customers achieve their goals. It is our job to provide the best service and quality materials for our builders and not just be an order taker.  Our employees are dedicated maintaining to the high standards set by my grandfather Mr. James T. Hamn over 70 years ago.


We are blessed to work in an industry that is challenging and rewarding to us. A successful builder needs a dependable partner he can trust to work for him. And as a 3rd generation family member at Alpha Lumber we want to be that partner. If there are any questions or comments, you can call us at 334-262-3594.


Thanks for your interests and support,


Ken Williams



Alpha Lumber & Supply, Co., Inc.